Friday, March 12, 2010

OZ or just NCIS?

I’ve always thought of TV and movie stars as these almost mystical people that lived in a magical world. They may as well be dragons and unicorns because they lived in a world that was impossible for me to be a part of.

With the coming of HD TV broadcasts not only has it left me in awe at the clarity and realism it brings but also shattering my illusions of actors. Watching HD TV makes you feel like you’re right there on the set and watching as they film it.

I could see actors with their imperfections that regular TV had kept hidden. What, celebrities with flaws? Preposterous! Yes, these are indeed real people who have worked hard at their craft. They weren’t grown in a test tube in a mad scientist’s lab or taken from a magical land of make-believe. They’re just humans not gods.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking at the Glass

I am an optimistic realist. There’s a constant tug of war going on in my head. Even though I look at the glass being half full I also know that there is the possibility of the glass tipping and it will then be completely empty.

Throughout my life I’ve dreamt of doing many things such as playing electric guitar like a rock star, being a professional artist with his own studio, traveling the world, and making millions of dollars. As the years pass and the older I get the dreams start to fade away.

When I was in high school I was all set to graduate and go to Art College to start my career as an artist. That dream was promptly shattered when my parents told me that I was a fool for thinking I could make a living as an artist and I should learn a trade like carpentry instead. They’re old-school Portuguese that respect hard work and supporting your family. As far as my parents were concerned, artists just didn’t fit that mold.

As I was continuing my education as an electrical apprentice I continued to buy art books and take various art classes trying to keep my dream alive. But, eventually I got impatient with my skill level as an artist and my passion for drawing died out. I did, however, become a licensed electrician. My parents were so proud.

I also tried taking guitar lessons but I couldn’t afford them for too long and quit after a short time. The sad part was that even though I learned only rudimentary stuff on the guitar I enjoyed playing very much.

As the years passed the opportunities to reach my dreams came less and less. I’ll never play in a rock band, work as a professional artist, be a millionaire or travel the world. That’s the reality and there’s no sense in dwelling in what I can’t do.

Even though my optimism has been constantly challenged by my realistic thinking it refuses to die. In fact, a strange thing has happened to me. Coming to the realization that my old dreams are gone just makes room in my life for other dreams which are much more attainable. I still want to be a writer, play guitar, and draw but I won’t make a living from it.

Writing is a passion of mine and I really enjoy it. I hope to possibly get published someday. Even if I don’t, just having my friends and family enjoy the stuff I write makes me happy.

The same thing goes for playing the guitar and drawing. I know that I’ll never reach the professional level but I’m doing it because I love it. If I only have time to do it occasionally it’s okay because I haven’t given up on it.

So, instead of looking at the glass half empty I’m just going to pour the water into another glass. Now where did I put my Looney Toons glass?

That’s all folks!